The Rev. Dr. Mark E. Salmon

There is a bumper sticker I’ve seen that says, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it!” I think a better theology is, “God said it. That settles it!” I submit to the authority of the Bible. Only the Bible has the authority to bind the consciences of believers. God alone is infallible.

I was born on May 1, 1949 into a very active Presbyterian family in New Jersey. I knew life inside the Church and in a loving Christian home. I felt as a five year old that I wanted to be a minister. I used to go to the bedroom after worship and ‘preach’ a sermon to an empty bedroom.

I was raised in Lake City, Florida and experienced a very close relationship with the Rev. Dr. E. F. Montgomery. He nurtured my Call to ministry even though it took a long time until I was a minister.

Getting ordained seemed straight forward until I met Dee in college. She became Presbyterian and we were married in 1974. She was supportive both spiritually and financially as we paid off our college bills and worked our way through seminary. She has been part of God’s Grace to me. Again I experienced his Grace with the birth of our daughter, Marlana, on December 29, 1987.

I was Ordained and began ministry in 1982 in Belton, Texas where I pastored for 15 years. Then it was on to Denison, Texas for four years and to Grace Presbyterian in Corpus Christi for ten years.

God has used my talents and enthusiasm at each of the churches. Some accomplishments of my ministry have been a Monthly Minister Coffee Times, Cursillo/Emmaus, PAL [Presbyterian Acts of Love], new buildings added, Alpha, revitalized Care Groups, many ‘in-house’ special courses, contemporary worship, internet special prayer groups, Fifty Day Spiritual Adventures, Guatemala mission trips with members, trips to Israel, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Mexico, plus monthly trips to the border for members. I have initiated an Annual Wall of Thanksgiving, Worship on the Bay, Labyrinth, anointing with oil services, as well as, healing and wholeness, a Santa and Christ Child outdoor event, Christmas audio greetings from shut-ins, birthday party ‘communion’ services, bike rides, Spanish classes, Dinner Theaters, drama ministry, Christian Clowns, Grace Walkers Ministry, a new Korean congregation and there is more coming.


My ministry approach is a belief that church membership means the vows of membership are not just professed, but kept since they are a covenant made before God. People join congregations for various reasons, but the only valid one is that we love and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So God has given me love, which I do not deserve; Grace, which I need, and an exciting ministry through which to demonstrate my faith. It is devoted to Jesus Christ and embraces the covenants that God has made. I am enthusiastic about sharing my ministry with God’s congregation at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church!
The Rev. Dr. Mark E Salmon