Elders are members of the church who are elected by the congregation to provide leadership and guidance in all manners of church activity. They serve to provide spiritual nourishment to the congregation as well as exercising fiscal responsibility in the handling of church resources. Please feel free to reach out to any elder for guidance or information about church matters.

2018 Session Members

2019 Session Members

2020 Session Members

Deacons are the ministers of compassion and service. They reach out to the people of the congregation and beyond to assist those in need of comfort or assistance. Their many services include visiting the sick, administering communion to shut-ins and participation in Meals on Wheels. They also encourage fellowship throughout the year by sponsoring various breakfasts and dinners open to the congregation and the public.

If you would like to volunteer to help the deacons provide these much needed services, please click here. If you need assistance in performing a household duty, or you have another service you think we might be able to help you with, please click here.

2018 Deacons

2019 Deacons

2020 Deacons

Christian Education Committee

Chair : D. Kay Benson


To provide ways and means by which the congregation can grow in its understanding and application of the scriptures and doctrines of the church. The committee reviews present Christian Education programs and trends, evaluates their effectiveness and determines ways to improve upon and expand the programs.

  • Development and provision of oversight for Sunday School classes, short courses, and other classes of Christian nurture.
  • Maintenance and update of the the church Media Center.
  • Provision of Presbytery liaison for Older Adults, and the Cedarkirk Camps and Conference Center.

Communications Committee

Chair : Carole Miller

  1. To oversee, coordinate, guide, and assist committees and groups of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in efforts to publicize and promote programs, activities, and special events via newspapers and electronic media.
  2. To coordinate all publications and brochures generated by any entity within the church and ensure compliance with Administrative Manual and the Book of Order.
  3. To maintain the Administrative Manual with input and cooperation from the session plus all committees and entities addressed therein. This includes ensuring that there are no conflicting procedures or conflicts within the manual or between common practices and the manual.
  4. To strive to make all church related communications, brochures, and publications meet a high-quality standard.
  1. Publicize the church in the community through any available means.
  2. Provide for the church’s print-based, paid-publicity needs with reasonable budget guidelines.
  3. Assist individuals or groups with communication related needs.
  4. Create, maintain, and adhere to a yearly master schedule for publicity time-lines and committee members’ tasks.
  5. Maintain the church website (standrewatscc.org).
  6. Promote input to crossroads that includes news from all areas of the church’s life and ministries to keep the members informed of what has been, is being, and will be done.
  7. Develop a church communication plan for distributing “emergency” communications. This plan will utilize email plus a calling tree approach where people who regularly check email will get the communication and then use the telephone to communicate with those that do not use email. Success of this plan depends upon extensive cooperation from the session, all groups within the congregation, and the general membership.
  8. Maintain the section in the Administrative Manual titled Publicity Procedures for Church Activities.
  9. Ensure that the Administrative Manual:
    • conforms to specifications in the Book of Order
    • is free of ambiguities
    • is free of conflicting policies and procedures

Fellowship Committee

Chair : Carol Slagle

Fellowship Committee is responsible for planning the monthly church dinners, including the meal and the entertainment. It is a wonderful and easy way to get to know each other including the congregation. The committee would welcome new members.

Mission and Witness Committee

Chair : Bill Eades

The Mission and Outreach committee of the Session is responsible for identifying and interpreting the mission projects our congregation supports. These projects range from the Sun City Center community to places across the country and around the world. They represent a variety of areas of need including education, health, evangelism, agriculture, disaster response, homelessness and abuse within families. The Committee administers the funds budgeted by the Session for mission and outreach, considers requests for grants for specific projects, and promotes three special denomination-sponsored offerings each year: The Pentecost Offering, One Great Hour of Sharing, and The Christmas Joy Offering. These special offerings support local, national and worldwide ministries of our local church, Tampa Bay Presbytery, and the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. – The Committee welcomes members who have an interest in our work and would like to serve in this area. Those interested are encouraged to call either the Chair or Vice Chair.

Mission and Witness Committee

Chair : Tom Ray

This is a session committee charged with the overall coordination of personnel policy and actions. We recommend salary policy and review salary actions. We ensure that the staff receives formal and informal evaluations of their job performance. We provide advice and counsel to the pastor on human resource issues and implement a plan for equal opportunity.

Property Committee

Co-Chair : Darwin Annelar
Co-Chair : Ben Chenoweth

The purpose and responsibilities of the Property Committee are the custody and care of all church property. Activities held in the church should be consistent with Christian principles. Maintain the church so members and visitors will feel welcome in His house. – The committee carries out the Property Management Policy set forth by session on the church’s use, contacts outside organizations on property matters, checks to see that the church property is protected by insurance, evaluates monies spent on church maintenance, services required, and work performed for the church. Also, the committee recommends the acquisition, improvement, expansion, and disposition of capital assets of the church.

Stewardship Committee

Chair : Bud Anderson

To the Congregation: the Stewardship Committee and St. Andrew Presbyterian Church are truly blessed and grateful that you are a part of our Church family. May God bless you for all the gifts and service you have given to our Church and to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the World!

    1. Obtain budget and expenditure forecasts covering all church operating expenses from Session Committee chairs or designated person. Analyze and present budget and income forecast data to the Session

Administer the budget as approved by the Session. With the Treasurer and Financial Secretary, prepare and present for session approval reports comparing actual expenditures with the budget.

    1. Receive requests for deviations from the budget from Committee chairs, review, and send recommendations for action to Session.
    2. Maintain income estimates throughout the year and recommend changes in the amount and timing of expenditures to Committee chairs and the Session, when appropriate.
    3. Act as the Session’s liaison with the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary.

With the Treasurer, recommend to the Session the investment and fund allocation of any surplus monies. For designated monies, recommend the most appropriate investment strategies.

  1. Oversee the annual stewardship campaign and any other church-related campaigns directed towards the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church congregation. Recommend the appointment of congregation members to any campaign committees. The campaign chairs become ad hoc members of the Finance Committee during the duration of the campaign.
  2. Coordinate cash disbursement procedures and establish guidelines for expenditures following generally accepted accounting principles and utilizing established methods for internal controls.
Meeting Date

The committee meets at 10:00 a.m. the second Monday of each month from September thru May. If needed, special meetings are called during the Summer Months.

Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.
Luke 6:38

Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.
Matt. 6:21

Worship & Planning Committee

Chair : Flo Jessee


To lead the congregation into a deeper understanding, attitude, and practice of Christian Worship in formal and informal settings, and to see that all necessary action is taken to meet the requirements as mandated in the Book of Order.


The membership shall be composed of at least two members of the session, one of whom shall be the chair; one or more deacons; representatives of the choirs and of committees whose activities are connected to worship or music. The Pastor and Director of Music shall be ex-officio members.


Recommend to the session the times and places for celebrating the sacraments. – Appoint serving teams of elders and deacons to serve Holy Communion prepare the elements, set the communion table, and dispose of unused but consecrated elements. – Coordinate with the pastors for communion celebrations and/or worship services for church members who are unable to attend public worship. – Review the Order of Worship periodically and offer suggestions for improvement. – Encourage and assist groups meeting for prayer.

Provide and oversee the use of worship supplies. – Relate to, assist and offer suggestions to persons responsible for the ministry of music, including the choir directors, pianists, and choirs. – Recommend to the session policies regarding prayer days, time of worship services, communion, weddings and memorials. – Consider and discuss any and all matters relating to worship and music which may be brought to the committee and refer any action to the session for approval.